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Installation, Configuration, and Test Utility


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Key Highlights

Easy to use

Plug and play—automatically detects hardware and assigns resources for USB, PCI, Web, and wireless boards

Included on MCC DAQ CD

Supports most MCC hardware, see specific hardware products for compatibility details

Supported Operating Systems: Windows® 8/7/Vista®/XP SP2, 32-bit or 64-bit

Download InstaCal here

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InstaCal Installation, configuration, and test utility


Easy-to-use installation, configuration and testing: InstaCal is a comprehensive software utility that manages everything about your data acquisition hardware. When you plug in a USB, PCI, Web, or wireless product, InstaCal detects the hardware and assigns resources automatically. You can set special features of the hardware so your software programs will run as you wish. All the settings are stored in the Measurement Computing configuration file.

Once your board is installed, you may want to check calibration. InstaCal walks you through a professional calibration procedure tailored to the board you own.

Have doubts about a function? InstaCal will test the board both internally and externally, giving you complete confidence in the board's operation. If a problem is found, it is clearly identified and a detailed report is generated which will speed a complete repair.

Simple, full function tests: Installation of a Measurement Computing data acquisition board is a snap with the USB, PCI and PC-card, Web, and wireless plug & play standards. Just install the hardware and let the operating system do the rest. It is that easy! Gone are the days of setting switches and jumpers. Now you are ready to select the special features of the board that control your measurements. Everything else will be taken care of by the data acquisition program you use.

For legacy systems such as Windows 3.x, or for ISA and PC/104 boards, you need to set those switches and jumpers then configure the software to recognize your board. InstaCal will take you right through that process with diagrams of switches and lots of helpful suggestions for avoiding conflicts.

For devices that support field calibration, InstaCal provides an easy-to-follow calibration procedure.

Test: From time to time, we all want to test our measurement instruments. Maybe we doubt a reading, or the values displayed by our favorite program, or even if the code we are writing is doing what we want it to. With InstaCal. you have a factory certified and dependable way to verify those readings. Click on the Test icon and InstaCal will test all of the board's internal registers. When you are satisfied with those functions, it is time to hook up a signal and test the input electronics or control electronics. InstaCal draws you a picture of the signals to connect, stimulates the electronics, and gives you a reading that you can depend on. InstaCal will help you quickly identify and resolve problems.