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Temperature Data Logger

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 Looking for Data Acquisition ideas? Here are some of our most popular Data Acquisition (DAQ) products:

16-Bit, 250 kS/s, USB Data Acquisition Device Shop >>
16-Bit, Simultaneous
400 kS/s DAQ Device
Shop >>
12-Bit, 100 kS/s, Multifunction
USB Device
Shop >>
8-Channel Temperature Input USB Data Acquisition Device Shop >>
24-Bit, 1 kS/s, Temperature and Voltage Device Shop >>
12-Bit, 50 kS/s,
Data Acquisition
Shop >>
12-Bit, 100 kS/s, OEM USB Data Acquisition Board Shop >>
8-Channel Temperature Measurement
USB DAQ Device
Shop >>
High-Current Digital I/O Data Acquisition Device
Shop >>
24-Bit, 1 kS/s, Temperature or Voltage USB Device Shop >>
Stand-Alone, 4-Channel
Data Logger
Shop >>
Battery-Powered Remote Temperature
Data Logger
Shop >>
Battery-Powered Remote Temperature Data Logger with LCD Display Shop >>
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New 16-Bit Multifunction Ethernet DAQ
The new E-1608 data acquisition device from MCC provides both analog and digital I/O and is priced at $499.

New Advanced Data Logging Application
DAQami™ allows users to quickly and easily acquire, view, and log data from MCC USB data acquisition (DAQ) devices.

New Low-Cost 16-Bit Multifunction USB Data Acquisition Devices – The USB-230 Series feature 8 SE / 4 DIFF analog inputs, eight digital I/O, one counter input, and two, 16-bit analog outputs.

Retrieving and Plotting Data – This video
shows in detail how to readout data, save it
to a file, and analyze the data using the
USB-5100 Series Software package with
the USB-5104 data logger.

Bluetooth DAQ for Android – This video shows how easy it is to acquire data over a Bluetooth™ connection using the BTH-1208LS data acquisition device and demo apps downloaded from Google Play™.

Universal Input Data Acquisition Device – This video shows how the USB-2404-UI can be used to measure a variety of sensor types such as RTDs, thermocouples, load cells, and other powered sensors.
Utilizing Digital Inputs / Outputs with MCC DAQ
This document shows how to write to a single digital I/O bit using an MCC data acquisition device and various software platforms.

Accuracy, Precision, Resolution, and Sensitivity
This document explains the difference between the terms accuracy, precision, resolution, and sensitivity as applied to a data acquisition (DAQ) measurement system.

Choosing a Software Environment for Data Acquisition – This document highlights the different software options available for data acquisition (DAQ) applications, and outlines MCC support for these options.
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