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Wireless Solutions

BTH-1208LS, WiFi-500 Sensor Series, WLS Series

Key Highlights
Wireless Solutions

Wireless devices for remote monitoring applications

Measure temperature and humidity, thermocouples, RTDs, or thermistors

BTH-1208LS acquires data over Bluetooth® or USB connection

802.11b or 802.15.4 wireless protocol

1-8 channels

MCC offers wireless DAQ solutions to fit a variety of applications. The WiFi-502 is 802.11b compliant and records temperature and humidity. It has an on screen data display while also saving data directly to a PC.

The BTH-1208LS offers short-range wireless data acquisition to a compatible host device – whether a Windows®-based PC or an Android™-based tablet, phone, or mini-PC.

The WiFi-501-TP sensor measures the temperature of the environment in which the probe is situated. Data is transmitted wirelessly via a WiFi network to a PC and viewed using a free software package. During configuration the sensor will search for an existing wireless network while physically connected to the PC. It can then be placed anywhere within range of the network.

The WLS Series are eight channel temperature measurement devices capable of measuring thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, or semiconductor temperature devices. These remote devices can be located up to 150 feet (50 meters) indoors, or up to one half mile (750 m) outdoors from the PC. Easy to use software and drivers are included.

Recommended Product Solutions

Average Rating:
4 out of 5   

BTH-1208LS - Wireless Multifunction DAQ Device

Acquires data over Bluetooth® or USB connection

Eight 11-bit SE or four 12-bit DIFF analog inputs

Sample Rate:
Bluetooth: 1 kS/s continuous, 47 kS/s BURSTIO mode (12 k sample buffer)
USB: 47 kS/s continuous

Two 12-bit analog outputs

Eight digital I/O, one 32-bit counter

Support for Windows® and Android™


Average Rating:
average-rating-4_1 4.1 out of 5   

WiFi-500 Sensor Series - WiFi Temperature & Temperature/Humidity Data Logging Sensors

WiFi capability and integrated LCD display

Transfer data via WiFi to a PC or Cloud account

Software-selectable sample rate, data transmission rate, temperature units, and high and low alarms

Rechargeable internal lithium polymer battery

From $150

Average Rating:
average-rating-3_5 3.5 out of 5   

Wireless WLS Series - Wireless Temperature Measurement Devices

8 channels

Measures thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, or semiconductor temperature devices

Range: Up to 150 feet indoors, 2400 feet outdoors

8 digital I/O

Included software and drivers

From $149