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OEM Solutions

Volume Discounts, Custom Solutions, and More from MCC

Key Highlights
OEM Solutions

OEM Experience - MCC has been a leading provider of OEM DAQ products since 1989

Volume Pricing - our proven efficiencies allow us to pass savings on to our customers

Customization - different form factors, added or reduced functionality, private labeling and more

Software - comprehensive support for the most popular programming languages

Support - qualified application engineers provide assistance with all phases of your product's life cycle

Unmatched Warranties - lifetime limited warranties and our unique Harsh Environment Program

We provide world class service to OEMs big and small

Read our White Paper on message-based programming with DAQFlex,
platform-compatible with Windows® 32/64, Linux®, Android™, and Mac®

Request a Free 30-Day OEM Evaluation Kit

Talk directly with one of our OEM engineers and learn how MCC can meet your OEM requirements.
Call 1-800-234-4232 or Email: oem@mccdaq.com for more information.

Recommended Product Solutions

USB-200-OEM Series - 12-Bit OEM DAQ Boards with 8 Analog Inputs

8 SE analog inputs

Up to 500 kS/s sample rate

8 digital I/O

One 32-bit counter

Up to 2 analog outputs

Support for Windows®, Linux®, Android™, and Mac®

From $99

USB-2600 Series - 16-Bit, 1 MS/s, High-Speed DAQ Board

16-bit resolution

1 MS/s sample rate

Up to 64 single-ended analog inputs

Up to four 16-bit, 1 MS/s analog outputs

24 digital I/O

Four 32-bit event counters

Included software and drivers

From $799

BTH-1208LS-OEM - Wireless Multifunction OEM DAQ Board

Acquires data over Bluetooth™ or USB connection

Eight 11-bit SE or four 12-bit DIFF analog inputs

1 kS/s sampling over Bluetooth, 50 kS/s sampling over USB

Eight digital I/O, One 32-bit counter

Two 12-bit analog outputs

Battery or USB power options

Support for Windows® and Android™


USB-2500 Series - High-Speed Multifunction DAQ Boards

8 to 64 analog inputs, 16-bit resolution

24 digital I/O, counters/timers

Up to 4 analog outputs

1 MS/s sample rate

4 thermocouple inputs

Included software and drivers

From $949

USB-1208FS/LS/1408FS Series - 12- and 14-Bit Multifunction DAQ Devices

8 SE/4 DIFF analog input (software-selectable)

1.2 kS/s to 50 kS/s sampling rate

16 digital I/O

1 counter

2 analog outputs

Support for Windows®, Linux®, Mac®

From $129

USB-7000 Series - 12- and 16-bit Multifunction OEM DAQ Devices

Up to 100 kS/s sampling

8 analog inputs

ADC per channel

8 digital I/O

Up to 2 analog outputs

Support for Windows®, Linux®, Android™, and Mac®

From $189

USB-DIO24 Series - 24-Channel Digital I/O Boards

24 digital I/O

High current output available

37-pin connector

One 32-bit counter

Included software and drivers

From $99