MCC 134

Thermocouple Measurement HAT for Raspberry Pi®


The MCC 134 Thermocouple Measurement HAT provides four thermocouple inputs for adding temperature measurement capability to Raspberry Pi based systems. It features 24-bit resolution and provides professional-grade accuracy which is best in class. The MCC 134 also offers open thermocouple detection so users can monitor for broken or disconnected thermocouples and each channel type is selectable on a per-channel basis. Up to eight MCC DAQ HAT devices can be stacked onto one Raspberry Pi.

All MCC DAQ HATs provide easy-to-use C/C++® and Python™ open-source libraries and examples allowing you to take reliable, quality measurements quickly.

NOTE: Raspberry Pi is not included with the MCC 134.

Channels Resolution Update Interval
4 Thermocouple
Type J, K, R, S, T, N, E, and B
24-bit 1 Sec
Sampling Ranges Isolation
Channels Resolution Speed
Digital I/O
Channels Counter/Timers Encoder
Software Power
OS Support Drivers Power
Linux®, Raspbian® DAQ HAT Library™ 3.3 V provided by Rpi

Part Number Description Qty Price
MCC 134 4-channel thermocouple measurement DAQ HAT for Raspberry Pi® $149.00
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Included Software

  • DAQ HAT Library Open-Source Library for C/C++ and Python and programming examples are available for download here

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MCC DAQ HAT Library documentation      download

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