Driver Compatibility Table for DASYLab

Driver Vendor Windows™ Versions
incompatible  unknown /
not tested 
7 - 32 bit
7 - 64 bit  
8 - 32 bit  
8 - 64 bit  
10 - 32 bit  
10 - 64 bit  
Information / Downloads Available
Adlink Nudam       Included
Advantech Adam       Included
BS² Multidata       Learn more
DASYLab Generic RS232/ICOM (TCP/IP)       Included
DASYLab Generic Sound Device Included
Data Scan 7000 Series       Included
Data Scan SOLO       Included
Data Translation       Included
Dewesoft       Please contact us
DEWETRON TRION™       Please contact us
Ganter QStation-X       Learn more
Goldammer       Learn more
HBM MGCPlus       Learn more
HBM QuantumX       Learn more
HBM SomatXR       Learn more
instruNet       Included
IOtech       Included / Learn more
IXXAT-Can (latest VCI 3 driver needed)       Learn more
Jäger Messtechnik Systeme       Learn more
Labortechnik Tasler LTT24       Learn more
Measurement Computing       Included / Learn more
Microstar Laboratories (DAP)       Included
Modbus DA/Modbus TCP/IP       Included
NI-Can 15.0       Included
NI-XNET 16.0       Included
NI-DAQmx 16.0       Included
NI IEEE488 (GPIB)       Included
NI Data Socket       Included
Omega/Newport OMB-DAQBook/DAQBoard       Included
Omega/Newport OMB-DAQ-24xx, OM-USB       Included
Omega OMR       Included
OPC-DA Client       Included
optiMEAS SmartMINI       Please contact us
Simatic SPS       Info
Vector-Can (XL Driver Library needed)       Included
DASYLab drivers that do not have information about compatibility with DASYLab 2016
Peekel Instruments         ?
Roga Instruments (GX-1, LX series)         ?
DEWETRON ORION-DAQ boards         ?
DEWETRON DAQP modules         ?
DEWETRON PAD / EPAD2 modules         ?
HBM Spider 8         ?
JET Systemtechnik         ?
No longer supported in DASYLab 2016
United Electronics Industries
DGH Corporation
(1) Compatibility information provided without any warranty for drivers not included in DASYLab 2016.
(2) Information about the compatibility of a driver not included in DASYLab 2016 is provided by the corresponding driver's vendor.
(3) Included drivers are shipped with DASYLab. Activate drivers in the Configurator to use them in DASYLab.
(4) Serial number activation may be required.