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eNews - October 2019
MCC eNews

DAQ Solutions for Single Board Computers

As the low-cost PC market grows, more and more DAQ users are looking to design systems around platforms like Raspberry Pi®.
Here are additional resources for further learning about Raspberry Pi and DAQ.

Test and Measurement

Supporting Raspberry Pi in OEM and Test and Measurement Applications

This white paper discusses the popularity of Raspberry Pi in test and measurement applications, build vs. buy considerations, and how MCC is supporting Pi with HATs as well as USB-based DAQ devices.

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Measuring Thermocouples with Raspberry Pi

Designing a device that accurately measures thermocouples in the uncontrolled environment of the Raspberry Pi was challenging. This article explains how the MCC 134 DAQ HAT overcomes the difficulties in making accurate thermocouple measurements.

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For Raspberry Pi-based systems needing more flexibility, consider our USB DAQ devices and included UL for Linux support. We offer over 50 devices for a range of applications.

Data Acquisition Catalog

Data Acquisition Catalog

This PDF catalog includes our most popular products. Most USB devices include UL for Linux™; driver support making them ideal for use with Pi-based systems.

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UL for Linux

Raspberry Pi DAQ using UL for Linux™

Learn how to acquire data from MCC data acquisition devices using Raspberry Pi and UL for Linux with C® or Python™.

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