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eNews - September 2020
MCC eNews
  Low-Cost Temperature Measurements  
USB-TEMP and TC Series
USB-TEMP and TC Series – These eight channel devices offer support for thermocouples, RTDs, voltage, and thermistors, along with digital and counter functions. They also feature 24-bit resolution for accurate temperature measurements
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Internet-Enabled Thermocouple
Data Logger
WebDAQ 316
WebDAQ 316 is a stand-alone, temperature logger for remote monitoring and control. It features 16 thermocouple inputs and four digital I/O. Users can configure simple or sophisticated applications, log data, update alarms or send notifications, and view real-time data from any location on any device with a web browser.
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Thermocouple Measurement HAT
for Raspberry Pi®
MCC 134
The MCC 134 features four thermocouple inputs for adding temperature measurement capability to Raspberry Pi based systems. It features 24-bit resolution and provides professional-grade accuracy which is best in class. Up to eight MCC DAQ HAT devices can be stacked onto one Raspberry Pi to create multifunction systems.
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