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Multi-Sensor Measurement Device



• 8 analog inputs for direct sensor
  measurements: thermocouples, RTD,
  thermistors, bridge-based sensors,
  voltage, current, resistance
• Sample rates up to 960 S/s
• 24-bit resolution for high-precision
• 4 isolated digital inputs and outputs
• Included software and drivers

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Isolated, Simultaneous, High-Precision Device

The 4-channel DT9824 provides fully isolated, simultaneous analog input channels for high-accuracy applications. Features include an A/D per channel, isolated digital inputs, and isolated digital outputs driving solid-state relays.

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From the MCC Blog

High Channel-Count and High Accuracy
For applications needing 8 to 48 differential channels, top-notch temperature and/or DC voltage accuracy, and zero channel-channel interference, the MEASURpoint Series fits the bill.

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