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March 2019
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Need to measure Quadrature Encoders?
MCC has you covered!

Quadrature Encoder
Choose from devices with up to 8 quadrature encoder inputs. These solutions also offer a host of counter/timer features including: event counting, PWM, high-speed frequency input, and more.

8-Channel Quadrature Encoder Device

USB-QUAD08 features eight quadrature inputs, plus timer outputs and eight digital I/O. Features include programmable debounce times, multiple counting modes, and triggering and pacing options.

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USB-1808 Series

High-Precision I/O with Encoder Inputs

The 18-bit USB-1808 Series offers sample rates at up to 200 kS/s/ch as well as synchronous and concurrent analog and digital I/O. It includes eight analog inputs, digital I/O and two quadrature encoder inputs.

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LGR-5320 Series

High-Speed Loggers with Encoder Inputs

LGR-5320 Series are high-speed data loggers with sample rates up to 200 kS/s. They can log analog and digital data and have up to four quadrature encoder inputs.

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UL for Linux

UL for Linux™

Open-source Linux support is available for the most popular MCC devices with interfaces for C® and Python™.

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