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DAQ eNews - September 2021
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IoT Applications

Wind Turbine Gearbox
Fault Test System
WebDAQ 504
The WebDAQ 504 internet enabled data logger was used to develop an IIoT testing solution for collecting and analyzing vibration data from bearings and other components in wind turbine gearboxes.
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AC Power Monitoring
IoT Solution
MCC 118
A mobile communications company used the MCC 118 Raspberry Pi DAQ HAT to create an IoT solution to monitor and analyze the external city power being supplied to their facilities.
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Probe Permeameter
MCC 134
RO Scientific used the MCC 118 voltage measurement HAT and the MCC 134 thermocouple measurement HAT in the design of a probe permeameter machine used in testing rock samples for the oil and gas industry.
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Machinery Monitoring and
Predictive Maintenance
MCC 172
The MCC 172 IEPE measurement HAT and MCC 134 thermocouple measurement HAT are used to measure vibration and temperature respectively, and collect the data needed to create accurate measurements, analysis, and strategy.
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