Creates a device object within the Universal Library for the DAQ device specified by the descriptor, and assigns the specified board number to the DAQ device.

cbCreateDaqDevice() fails if the specified DAQ device has already been created. The UL automatically adds any DAQ device stored in the cb.cfg file by InstaCal. If you want runtime control over device creation, invoke the cbIgnoreInstaCal() function first. Refer to cbIgnoreInstaCal() for more information.

Function Prototype


int cbCreateDaqDevice(int BoardNum, DaqDeviceDescriptor deviceDescriptor)

Visual Basic

Function cbCreateDaqDevice(ByVal BoardNum&, ByRef DeviceDescriptor As DaqDeviceDescriptor) As Long



The number you wish to associate with the board when created with cbCreateDaqDevice(). BoardNum may be 0 to 99, and must not be associated with any other installed device.


The descriptor of the DAQ device.