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Updating WebDAQ Firmware

Device firmware is bundled with the operating system, web server, and documentation in a software update (*.swu) file. Use the Firmware panel on the Device window Device Info tab to download and install device firmware.

  1. Open Device and locate the Firmware panel.
  2. Note the firmware version installed on your device.
    Firmware Panel FW Updates page
  3. Tap Check for updates. The Firmware Updates page opens.
    If newer firmware is available for the WebDAQ than what is installed, download the update file to your computer or to the root directory of a USB device or SD card.
    If you downloaded the update file onto external media, insert the media into the WebDAQ device and go to step 4. If you downloaded the update file onto your computer, upload the file onto the WebDAQ: open the Data Files window, Files tab and select the location to upload the file (Internal Storage, SD Card, or USB Storage Device). Tap file_upload Upload, select the update file, and choose Open.
  4. Tap the Update button on the Firmware panel.
    The software waits 10 seconds before searching for the update file to allow for slower devices to enumerate, or to insert removable media containing the update file. After 10 seconds WebDAQ searches the root folder of each storage location for a firmware update file. When a file is detected, the update is automatically installed and the WebDAQ Series hardware is restarted.

After the update process is complete, refresh your browser window and verify the version on the Firmware panel.

Recovering from a failed update

If the update process is not successful, perform the following procedure to update the software image:

  1. Press the Power button to power down the WebDAQ.
    If the device is not responsive, press the Power button for 4 seconds to force the device to power off; unsaved changes may be lost.
  2. Press the rear panel FUNC button and POWER button at the same time to power on the WebDAQ and update the software image.
    Refer to the WebDAQ hardware User's Guide for more information about these buttons.

Updating the software using this method is the same as initiating a firmware update using the web interface.