DT9817 Series

Digital I/O USB Devices


**Not recommended for new applications. Please consider the USB-1024 Series instead.**

The DT9817 Series of USB digital I/O devices provide support for solid-state or mechanical relays. These devices are available with isolation, high current output and AC/DC signal sensing.

Digital I/O
Channels Counter/Timers Encoder Inputs
Up to 28 1
Software Power
OS Support Drivers Power
Windows® Open Layers® SW Suite Bus powered

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SKU: 6069-410-133
Low Cost USB Digital I/O Module; 28 DIO, high drive capability
SKU: 6069-410-134
Low Cost USB Digital I/O Module; 16 DIO, 500V isolation
Accessories & Cables
SKU: 6069-240-008
Kit for mounting ECON Series USB modules to a DIN rail. Horizontal or vertical mounting fits any application. Includes mounting clips, screws, and instructions. Rail not included.
SKU: 6069-810-002
Icon-Based Data Acquisition, Graphics, and Control Software
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SKU: 6069-810-000
Icon-Based Data Acquisition, Graphics, Control, and Analysis Software. Includes standard analysis modules and unlimited module count. - Most Popular
SKU: 6069-810-001
Icon-Based Data Acquisition, Graphics, Control, and Analysis Software. Includes all DASYLab Basic features plus standard modules, 200 layout windows, unlimited module count, and control sequencer.
SKU: 6069-810-003
Icon-Based Data Acquisition, Graphics, Control, and Analysis Software. Includes all DASYLab Full features plus advanced signal analysis and control modules.
SKU: 6069-810-004
DASYLab Runtime allows you to run an existing worksheet application on an additional computer (with compatible hardware configurations)

Product Reviews

What is the minimum time it takes to simultaneously read/write to multiple digital channels? (I would like to read/write digital signals at 1 kHz.)

  • Job Title: Researcher
  • Industry: Fundamental physics research
  • Application: Data acquisition for experiment
13 months ago


The DT9817-H is a software polled device. Meaning that there is no onboard hardware clock to pace the read/writes to the digital I/O. The read/write are, therefore, dependent on the system and the software in use. The USB bus has high bandwidth, but timely access is much slower. We have no official benchmarks but a 1mSec update does not seem out of the question.

13 months ago
Measurement Computing

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Hello. My customer want use DT9817-H with C#. so i informed the route of C# examples. but my customer need more information how to change the input channel to Output channel or Output to input. I know that it's in the manual but it's very hard to get. So could you give me some C# examples or let me know how to change the channel

  • Job Title: sales
  • Industry:
  • Application:
52 months ago
jun korea


The DT9817 and DT9817-H modules each have 28 programmable I/O lines that are organized into three 8-bit ports and one 4-bit port. Each port is considered a subsystem element. For each subsystem element, a user must decide whether all the bits are wired as inputs or outputs. When a user configures a digital subsystem, each subsystem element must be specified independently, before calling a get or set single value with an integer value, for that subsystem element

  • Once Open Layers is installed, look in the following location for examples: C:\Program Files (x86)\Data Translation\DotNet\OLClassLib\Examples\
  • Here is a code snipped for a setting a digital output:
  • doutSS = device.DigitalOutputSubsystem (x); // where x is the element
  • doutSS.DataFlow = DataFlow.SingleValue;
  • doutSS.Config ();
  • doutSS.SetSingleValue (y); // where y is a decimal value of which bits will be set high
  • 52 months ago
    Measurement Computing

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Hellow! i want to simple Digital Input test with DT9817 with Quick DAQ but it does not work with DT9817. So is there any software to test Digital I/O with DT9817 before i give it to the enduser

  • Job Title: sales
  • Industry:
  • Application:
53 months ago
Jun south korea


Yes, you can test the DT9817 Series using our “QuickDataAcq.exe” test utility that installs with the Omni-CD installation. The Omni-CD can be downloaded from our FTP site here: https://www.mccdaq.com/downloads/DTSoftware/Omni-CD/. Once you have completed the installation of the Omni-CD please navigate to the C:\Program Files\Data Translation\Win32 directory. There you will see the QuickDataAcq.exe program. Double click the exe file to start the test utility. At the top you will see the test utilities toolbar. For digital inputs mouse over and left click the “Acquisition” menu selection. For digital output mouse over the “Control” menu selection and left click for digital output.

53 months ago
Measurement Computing

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Does it work on Windows 10 OS?

  • Job Title: aa
  • Industry: aa
  • Application: aa
53 months ago


Yes, the DT9817-H has full support under both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10 OS.

53 months ago
Measurement Computing

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Included Software

  • DT-Open Layers for .NET a simple to use, yet powerful native .NET class library for developing test and measurement applications in Microsoft Visual Studio®
  • LV-LinkTM a library of VIs (Virtual Instruments) that enable LabVIEW™ programmers to access the data acquisition features of DT-Open Layers-compliant USB and PCI devices
  • DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB® MATLAB® from The MathWorks® is a software environment and programming language used for data acquisition, data analysis, measurement automation, and application development
  • QuickDAQ Base Package Data Logging Software

Optional Software

  • DASYLab® Software lets you interactively develop PC-based data acquisition applications by simply attaching functional icons
  • QuickDAQ Data Logging and FFT Analysis Software

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