Data Acquisition and Control

Measurement Computing provides data acquisition solutions for a wide range of applications and interfaces. Whether you are measuring current, voltage, temperature, strain or digital signals, MCC offers high-quality hardware with accompanying software and drivers for a quick and customizable solution to your unique application.

Data Acquisition and Control Products



USB, Ethernet, and PCI/PCIe devices with analog I/O, digital I/O, and counter/timer functionality.

Mixed/Universal Measurement

Mixed / Universal

Mixed measurement devices directly connect to sensors including strain gauges, load cells, and thermocouples.



Accurately measure thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, or voltage with our large selection of devices and boards.

Sound and Vibration

Sound & Vibration

USB and Ethernet dynamic signal analyzers provide accurate measurements for portable sound, vibration, and force response.

Strain/Load Cell

Strain / Load Cell

Directly measure strain gage elements and bridge-based sensors, including pressure transducers and load cells.

Analog Output

Analog Output

Choose from USB devices with up to 16 analog output channels. High drive and voltage/current options are available.


Counter / Encoder

Counter/timer devices for event counting, PWM, frequency, and quadrature encoder applications.

Digital I/O

Digital I/O

USB, Ethernet, and PCI/PCIe devices with up to 96 channels. High Voltage and relay options are also available.