WebDAQ 504

Internet Enabled Vibration/Acoustic Logger


The WebDAQ 504 is a stand-alone, vibration and acoustic logger designed for remote monitoring, analysis, and control.

WebDAQ BrochureLog four simultaneous IEPE inputs

Built-in web server allows access from any device with a web browser

WiFi support for wireless operation

View data in real time or post acquisition

Virtually unlimited storage

Easy, flexible task scheduling

Real-time FFTs for continuous monitoring and analysis

Four isolated digital I/O for triggers and alarms

Alarming and notifications with email and SMS messaging

Ability to export .csv data for Excel® and MATLAB®

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Analog Input
Channels Resolution Max Sample Rate Sampling
4 IEPE 24-bit 51 kS/s/ch Simultaneous
Digital I/O Memory Power
Channels Memory Power
4 Internal 3GB, optional SD card,
and USB slots
External AC Adapter Included

Part Number Description Qty Price
WebDAQ 504 Internet Enabled Vibration/Acoustic Logger with 4 IEPE inputs, simultaneous sampling, 24-bit resolution and 4 digital I/O; includes external power supply $1,499.00
Accessories & Cables
ACC-404 Panel/wall mounting kit for WebDAQ Series hardware; use with the ACC-205 to mount on a DIN rail
ACC-205 DIN-rail kit for BTH-1208LS, E-1608, E-DIO24, USB-200 Series (excludes OEM versions), and WebDAQ Series (when used with ACC-404 mounting kit)
ACC-403 6-position detachable screw terminal (2)
PS-9V1AEPS230V 9 VDC, 1.67 A replacement power supply, for SwitchAndSense-8/8, USB-2020, USB-ERB08, USB-PDISO8, USB-PDISO8/40, USB-SSR08, USB-SSR24, WebDAQ Series - interchangeable plugs available separately
More Options...
Australia Plug Australian interchangeable plug for power supplies $10.00
Europe Plug European interchangeable plug for power supplies $10.00
UK Plug UK interchangeable plug for power supplies $10.00
US Plug US interchangeable plug for power supplies $10.00

Product Reviews

Is there a way to restart the WebDAQ in case I lose power and it is in a remote location?

  • Job Title: Engineer
  • Industry:
  • Application:
1 months ago


Yes; remove the onboard jumper W1 to start the WebDAQ whenever the power adapter is plugged in and receiving power. If a power loss occurs, the device will restart automatically when power is restored. You may also want to configure the Schedule to start on power up so it runs when power is restored. Refer to http://kb.mccdaq.com/KnowledgebaseArticle50733.aspx for more information.

1 months ago
Measurement Computing

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  • Job Title: lab supervisor
  • Industry: aviation
  • Application: cert testing
1 months ago
john seminole ok


The maximum sample rate for the WebDAQ 504 is 51,200.00 Hz. Yes, the frequency or Sample Rate is adjustable. There are 31 sample rate steps that you can use for the WebDAQ 504. To calculate your sample rate, simply take the fastest rate of 51,200.00 and divide it by one of the 31 steps. Ex: 51,200.00 Hz/31 = 1,651.6129 Hz (minimum sample rate)

1 months ago
Measurement Computing

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Can be use two or more modules for a hi accurated time synchronized captures beteween the modules?

  • Job Title: Eng
  • Industry: Unesp
  • Application: Search
4 months ago
obata Ilha Solteira/SP -Brasil


The WebDAQ series does not support synchronization through a “Master/Slave” configuration, where the timing and clock signals are shared. This type of synchronization is not supported. Current options for synchronizing multiple WebDAQs are as follows:

  • Use the “Date&Time” option on each WebDAQ to start your acquisition at the same time.
  • Use an “External Digital” start trigger to start your WebDAQs at the same time.
  • Use an “External Analog” start trigger to start your WebDAQs at the same time.

4 months ago
Measurement Computing

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WebDAQ 504 version 1.1.8
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