Ethernet-Based, 16-bit, 200 kHz Data Acquisition Board for OEM and Embedded Applications


The DaqOEM Ethernet data acquisition (DAQ) board provides expandable analog input along with digital and counter functions.

Analog Input
Channels Resolution Max Sample Rate
16 SE/8 DIFF 16-bit 200 kS/s
Sampling Ranges Isolation
Multiplexed ±10 V, ±5 V, ±2.5 V, ±1.25 V, ±625 mV, ±312.5 mV, ±156 mV
Analog Output
Channels Resolution Speed
Digital I/O
Channels Counter/Timers Encoder
40 4/2
Software Power
OS Support Drivers Power
Windows® DaqCOM™ External

Part Number Description Qty Price
DaqOEM/2005 Ethernet-based data acquisition board, 200 kHz with 16 SE/8 DE inputs, 40 DIO, and 4 CTR $2,309.00
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DaqBook/2005 Ethernet-based 200 kHz data acquisition system with 16 SE/8 DE inputs (expandable to 256), 40 DIO, and 4 CTR
Signal Conditioning Options
DBK209 Screw-terminal adapter board with P1, P2, and P3 analog and digital expansion ports
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Accessories & Cables
CA-242-7 Ethernet patch cable, 2.133 meter (7 ft.)
DASYLab® LITE Icon-Based Data Acquisition, Graphics, and Control Software
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DASYLab® BASIC Icon-Based Data Acquisition, Graphics, Control, and Analysis Software. Includes standard analysis modules and unlimited module count. - Most Popular $1,299.00
DASYLab® FULL Icon-Based Data Acquisition, Graphics, Control, and Analysis Software. Includes all DASYLab Basic features plus standard modules, 200 layout windows, unlimited module count, and control sequencer. $1,799.00
DASYLab® PRO Icon-Based Data Acquisition, Graphics, Control, and Analysis Software. Includes all DASYLab Full features plus advanced signal analysis and control modules. $2,499.00
DASYLab® RUNTIME DASYLab Runtime allows you to run an existing worksheet application on an additional computer (with compatible hardware configurations) $449.00

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Included Software

  • DaqCOM ActiveX/COM-Based Applications Program Interface
  • DaqView Out-of-the-Box Software for IOtech DAQ Series, and Personal Daq/3000 Series
  • PostView Time and Frequency Domain Post-Acquisition Data Viewing Software

Optional Software

  • DASYLab®2020 Software lets you interactively develop PC-based data acquisition applications by simply attaching functional icons

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