WiFi-500 Sensor Series


Wireless Temperature Data Logger


The WiFi-501 low-cost wireless temperature data logging device features data logging, LCD screen display, and high/low alarms, and compliance with the IEEE 802.11b WiFi specification. Battery powered.

Analog Input
Channels Max Sample Rate
1 10 S/s
Temperature Thermocouple RTD
Thermistor Humidity Voltage
Memory Power
Memory Power
Up to 250,000 Rechargable Battery

Part Number Description Qty Price
WiFi-501 Temperature data logger, wireless, with 1 channel, 10 S/s max sample rate

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February 11, 2014
User Friendly Remote Temperature Sensor

I used this temperature sensor to check the temperature of my well thru the recent abnormally cold periods that we've had in North Carolina. My well is about 150 feet from my wi-fi base with a brick wall in between. Had no trouble setting up the software, and got the measurements that I was after. I would like to see a unit with two temperature sensor inputs.

  • Job Title: Retired Electronics Engineer
  • Industry: Retired NASA
  • Application: Home Management
  • From: Lake Norman, North Carolina, USA
  • Company Size: 1-100
  • Software Used: Other

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We are looking for a WIFI temperature logger that can operate attached to a rotary dryer. The location is in Vietnam so ambient external temperatures are quite high 30-40c and the dryer is rotating. We want to measure internal dryer temperature at least 4

  • Job Title: Managing Director
  • Industry: Coffee
  • Application:
96 months ago
Buddy Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Assuming that you don't exceed the temperature limits of the unit, and that there is sufficient signal strength, it should do the job

89 months ago

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The WIFI loggers are not rated for mechanical shock, so if you intend to allow them to rotate along with the dryer drum, you should test that environmental aspect. The number of loggers supported will depend on the capacity of the router the loggers are connected to. A mid-range quality router is able to accommodate approximately 70 loggers before seeing dropouts. The provided software will handle the loggers local to one router, but will not aggregate the data from your multiple sites.

96 months ago

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